Plastic Pellets

We produce pelletized plastic without impurities that will allow you to optimize your injection or extrusion processes, avoid line stoppages and reduce waste.

We have a process that allows us to offer “lentil” or head cut pellets for optimum performance.

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4 plantas corrugadoras

Pelletizing plant

With the best technology.

Gran diversidad en tecnologías de impresión

Service and quality guaranteed.

Available throughout the Mexican Republic.

Solución integral

Reduce waste in your production

With pellets free of impurities.

What is the cost of using low-quality plastic?

Large amounts of waste when using pellets made from post-consumer plastic.

Line stoppages that increase production costs by using materials without the required properties.

Shade variation in the final product.

Optimize your processes and avoid line stoppages with our waste-free material.

Entregas de 2 a 3 días que reducen la necesidad de sobre-inventario.

Pellets that optimize production times and costs.

- Avoid material jams in your machinery.
- Pellets with head cut or lentil cut.

Recibe la lámina corrugada lista para ingresar a tu proceso de producción.

Reduce waste with impurity-free pellets.

- Pure material without residues that affect its quality.
- Obtain the desired shade of white in your parts.

Gran diversidad de corrugados con un sólo proveedor.

Flexible packaging that adapts to your processes.

We deliver in boxes (gaylord), sacks and other presentations to speed up your processes.

Products we put at your disposal

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We serve all of Mexico and we export to several countries (USA and Central America).


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Committed to improve your productivity

Plastic parts manufacturers regularly deal with line stoppages and large amounts of waste that affect their operation due to the poor quality of the pellets they use.

At PCM we provide head cut or lentil pellets free of impurities and moisture to optimize your processes.

Now you can count on a high quality pellet in a timely manner to help you be more productive.

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Reduce your inventory and increase your productivity with our products.

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Recent projects

We team up with our clients to solve their challenges and implement new applications that help them improve their productivity and increase their project base.

Main industries we serve

Empaque de pastelerías y panaderías

Packaging for bakeries and pastry shops







Línea Blanca

White Goods







Pain points of these industries

  • Poor pelletizing quality.
  • Color variation of the material, which implies the need to reformulate it using pigments.
  • Contaminated materials.

How we help you

  • Support from a leading, large and stable company.
  • Great experience and presence in the market.
  • We guarantee that the material fulfills its function or we adjust it until it works.

Plastic parts manufacturers regularly deal with line stoppages and large amounts of waste that affect their operation due to the poor quality of the pellets they use.

Learn some of the things to consider when introducing a new pellet into your processes.

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