Manufacturers of labels and ribbons

We offer an integral solution in labels and ribbons with multiple technologies (flexography, digital) for companies looking for excellent quality and the flexibility to make short, medium or long runs to avoid overstocking.

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1 plant and 4 CEDIS

1 plant and 4 CEDIS

We serve all of Mexico, United States, Canada, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Wide range of printing technologies

Wide range of printing technologies

Flexographic printing up to 8 colors to combine for medium and long runs. Digital printing for medium and short runs.

Integral solution

Integral solution

We provide label kits, printers and ribbons with the best technical support for industries such as: logistics, distribution, retail, automotive, textile, among others.

What is the cost of not receiving your labels in a timely manner?

Poor quality labels that generate rejections or a bad image of your product.

Over-inventory problems, due to the lack of a supplier with the necessary printing technologies to provide short, medium or long runs according to your requirements.

When handling solutions with different suppliers, it is difficult to know who is responsible for solving each problem.

Avoid over-inventorizing by ordering only the labels you need

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Wide range of products

Wide range of products

- Labels and ribbons for the following applications: retail, electronics, textile, pharmaceutical, automotive, etc.
- With different finishes, adhesives, materials and ink types.
- We have a quality laboratory to guarantee the optimum performance of our products.

One supplier for all your needs

One supplier for all your needs

- Simplify the solution of problems with a single supplier.
- Integral solutions for labels, printers, ribbons and the best technical support for diverse industries.

Short, medium and long runs to avoid overstocking.

Short, medium and long runs to avoid overstocking.

- We deliver high runs manufactured in flexography and use high quality digital printing for medium and short orders.
- Reduce your inventories with a customized delivery plan to maximize savings

The best delivery times

The best delivery times

- We have our main factory in Nuevo Leon and 4 distribution centers in Tijuana, Merida, CDMX and Guadalajara.

We offer you labels and ribbons



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plant and 4 CEDIS


Scope: We serve all Mexico, United States, Canada, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.


years of experience


We have certifications that guarantee the quality of the products in each one of our solutions.


Committed to improve your productivity

Companies regularly deal with slow delivery times and poor quality labels with limited options in finishes, models, etc. As a result, they are forced to deal with multiple suppliers or over-order.

At PCM we provide high quality printed labels in a wide range of finishes, colors and custom designs with short delivery times.

Now you can have the label supply you need for your application in medium, short or long runs just when you need it to avoid over-inventorying yourself.

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1. Types of labels
2. Uses and industries
3. Advantages
4. Applications

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Reduce your inventory and increase your productivity with our products.

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Recent projects

We team up with our clients to solve their challenges and implement new applications to help them improve their productivity and increase their project base.


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They will assist you in finding the best solution focused on your needs.

Nuevo León

PCM División Papel

Av. Alborada No. 535
Parque Industrial FINSA C.P 67114
Guadalupe, N.L, México
+52 (81) 8850 5414

PCM Cajas Monterrey

Calle Ayax, Parque Kalos
Guadalupe, N.L, México
+52 (81) 8288 2830


PCM Corrugados Monterrey

Eje Metropolitano 910 295
Carretera Apodaca - Juárez, 67258
Guadalupe, N.L, México
+52 (81) 8288 0600

PCM Plásticos

Camino a Río La Silla 2800
Las Huertas, 67190
Guadalupe, N.L, México
+52 (81) 8127 7700 ext.1105
+52 (81) 9690 0440


PCM Cajas Guadalajara

Prolongación López Mateos 8597
Col. San Agustín, 45100
Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco, México
+52 (33) 9690 9600

PCM Corrugados Guadalajara

Carretera antigua a Buenavista #2178, Km 3.5
Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco, México
+52 (33) 2734 0200


PCM Cajas Querétaro

Acceso III 96
Benito Juárez, 76089
Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro
+52 (442) 153 2240

PCM Corrugados Querétaro

Querétaro 100 - El colorado Higuerillas
Parque Industrial Finsa Querétaro II
Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro
+52 (442) 290 0230

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