Point of sale paper rolls for the retail segment.

We have the widest range of rolls for printers, continuous stock paper and plotter for the retail industry, we serve both within the country and abroad.

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Strategic inventory plans based on the user's needs in Finished Product and Raw Material. We assign an advisor and direct customer service system for your attention. Integrated service and timely response. Just-in-time deliveries.

Proof of purchase, payment or credit memo

  • Point-of-sale roll
  • Roll for bank terminals
  • Kiosk roll

Product identification solution on the shelf

  • Thermal roll with cuts between tickets

Product identification in Distribution Centers

  • Continuous paper stock reports
  • Payroll receipts in continuous paper stock form
  • Pallet / pallet identification with continuous form paper

What is the cost of using poor quality and/or late delivery rolls?

Inconsistency and poor print quality.

Damage to the thermal and matrix heads of the equipment.

Loose rolls without adequate tension for proper operation and performance (fewer receipts printed per roll).

Lack of production capacity and inventories.

The retail industry requires a customized solution


High quality in our thermal paper

- BPA free thermal paper with excellent resistance to the environment, humidity, UV rays, etc.
- Printing life of 7 to 10 years in optimal conditions.


Does not damage print heads

- Guarantees a long life for your printing equipment.


Low maintenance of printers

- Dust and lint free fine cut rolls.


Manufactured with FSC certified paper rolls.

- Certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
- Contribute to the preservation and sustainable development of forests worldwide.


Wide variety of products

- Wide variety of standard sizes.
- We can custom manufacture to specific needs.


PCM delivers point-of-sale rolls with exact meters quoted.

- We control the length of the manufacturing process of our rolls.

Products we put at your service

Recent projects

We team up with our clients to solve their challenges and implement new applications that help them improve their productivity and increase their project base.


ChallengeThe client was buying his rolls by diameter, therefore he was not always getting the expected performance.

SolutionBy quoting the rolls by the meter, we guaranteed the linear performance of the product and achieved savings of 10%.

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