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9 April 2021

Which is better for me: triple wall corrugated or laminate a double wall corrugated?


Not knowing a reliable offer of triple wall corrugated in the market, it is common that the user chooses to laminate a double wall corrugated in order to reach higher resistances.

This happens because of the false conception that this product is only available through imports with high prices, so it is better to laminate it in-house to save costs.

Learn why this is not really recommended and how PCM can help you.

Laminating corrugated manually is not the best option.

Doing this process yourself has numerous disadvantages:

  • Laminating is more expensive because of the labor, extra paper and adhesive required.
  • Decreases product resistance due to exposure to moisture in the adhesive.
  • Loss of caliper (height) due to the pressure exerted on the paper.
  • Uneven aesthetic appearance with visible glue or misaligned sheets.

Using triple wall corrugated manufactured by an expert is more efficient than laminating, and can give you great advantages:

  • It is cheaper than manufacturing despite transportation costs.
  • Better appearance of the cardboard.
  • Greater caliper and strength.
  • Great time savings for more productive activities.
  • Certified materials with reliable resistance.

Why choose PCM's triple wall corrugated?

At PCM we have a wide variety of solutions for all kinds of applications:

  • Numerous combinations between A, B and C flutes.
  • Different calipers available according to the need.
  • Highly competitive prices in the national market.
  • Fast delivery times.
  • Availability of 100% recycled imported and domestic papers.
  • We manufacture sheets with specialized agricultural coatings.
  • We provide anti-abrasive coatings.
  • Availability of specialized KEMI papers for the elaboration of advertising displays.

PCM has more than 26 years of experience in the manufacture and conversion of paper products. Contact our consultants to learn about all the solutions we have available for your business.

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