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23 June 2023

What is the process for making plasticized cardboard boxes?

What is the process for making plasticized cardboard boxes?

There is no doubt that plasticized cardboard boxes have had an infinite number of uses over the years. However, there is a topic that is not much talked about, and that is the manufacturing process, which is why we have decided to provide you with this information!

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Manufacturing process of plasticized cardboard boxes
Which packaging to choose for each shipment?
At PCM we are committed to improving your profitability

Manufacturing process of plasticized cardboard boxes

Plasticized cardboard boxes are a polypropylene sheet, which offers hardness and versatility. It is used in many industries: packaging, agriculture, graphic arts, automotive and industrial sectors. Common applications include commercial display, stationery stores, bookbinding, and vehicle trunk liners.

These containers made of polypropylene are durable, returnable, reusable, and waterproof. They are perfect for fresh-cut vegetables, frozen products with ice or refrigerated products. They have good resistance to acid and chemical attack, as well as low moisture absorption.

If you want to learn more about the types of cardboard for packaging, please refer to the article where we explain in more detail the products of our Corrugated division and find out how they can help you to improve your productivity if you select the ideal product for your business. 


Which packaging to choose for each shipment?

There are varied sizes depending on the type of shipment. Each of them should be adapted to your needs and the objectives you are pursuing with the packaging. At PCM we have what you need, and we put them at your disposal: 

1. Jumbo type  

These are large packages, available in sizes of 98 x 208 inches maximum. They are available in one piece. They are made of materials such as: single, double, and triple corrugated cardboard; flute types A, B and C in all possible combinations. 

Their most common uses are in large products such as refrigerators and washing machines. In the agricultural sector, they are used in containers for scrap handling and internal use for shrimp transportation.

2. Slotted type

These slotted boxes are assembled in one piece with flaps that facilitate the grip while handling. You can find them in a single model type E, B and C flutes, with double corrugated cardboard and flutes with all combinations. It is used to transport, keep, store, pack, protect and conserve products.

They are weight resistant according to their application or the process you choose, in addition to a wide range of protective coatings. The industries that most demand them are industries focused on ceramic flooring, agricultural, pharmaceutical, personal care, automotive, cleaning products, food, and beverages.

3. Die-cut type 

They have a cut that marks the folds you need to assemble them without the need for glue. You can find them with single, double, and triple corrugation. Their most common use is in the food, agricultural, automotive, and manufacturing industries. 

Ideally, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Everything will depend on the type of shipment you are making and what the packaging will contain. Remember that the most important thing is to protect the product, so take your time and choose the right one.


At PCM we are committed to improving your profitability

Many companies use plasticized cardboard boxes for their operations, most of them have problems with inferior quality and delivery times, forcing them to buy the material again. 

Plasticized cardboard boxes are made of a strong and resistant material, which allows you to carry products of considerable weight or volume without breaking. Besides being a biodegradable and ecological material.


At PCM we have more than 26 years of experience in the manufacture and conversion of paper products. Contact our consultants to learn about all the solutions we have available for your business.

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