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9 April 2021

Uses and benefits of shrink sleeves


Printed film that reacts to heat by adjusting to the irregular shape of the container it surrounds.

Ideal to highlight the product presentation and take advantage of the product circumference.

Learn about their various uses and advantages in this article.


Applications of shrink sleeves

These products are widely used in the Food, Beverage and Cosmetics industry due to their characteristics:

  • They can completely wrap almost any type of packaging.
  • Manufactured from PVC or PET-G.
  • PVC provides a shrinkage degree of up to 50% in regular containers.
  • Sleeves for complex and/or irregular shaped containers with a shrinkage rate of up to 75% we use PET-G.
  • They can also be used as security seals.


Benefits for your operation

Some of the most important advantages of these products are:

  • High visual impact: Covering the entire container makes it more eye-catching to the public than a self-adhesive label.
  • Larger printing space: We can use the entire circumference of the container to print the brand image.
  • Exceptional finish: The brightness of the substrate itself is used to highlight the colors of the advertising image.
  • Avant-garde image: It allows to capture a continuous 360° image that covers the entire circumference.
  • Versatility of adaptation: It adapts to all types of containers and shapes, such as cylinders, irregular containers, etc.
  • Available printing materials: Can be manufactured in a variety of options.
    • PVC up to 50% shrinkage
    • PET-G up to 75% shrinkage
    • PET-G white up to 75% shrinkage on request


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