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23 June 2023

How is thermal paper for cash register used?

How is thermal paper for cash register used?

Many people are curious about thermal paper for cash registers, how does it work and why does it behave in such a peculiar way? It is one of the materials that arouses most curiosity and that is why it is important to understand how it works. 

Are you thinking of acquiring this type of paper for your business? Today we will show you the best uses it can be put to and how it is produced. Ready to learn all about thermal paper? Stick around until the end. 

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What is thermal paper for cash register? 
How is thermal paper for cash register manufactured? 
How does thermal paper work?
Where is thermal paper for cash registers used? 
Why use thermal paper for cash register? 
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What is thermal paper for cash register? 

First of all, we should define thermal paper for cash register as an especially useful printing material. Nowadays, it is used in a wide variety of businesses for all kinds of printing. In addition, it stands out for its peculiar way of use. 

Normally when we print on a sheet of paper, what happens is the impregnation of ink on it. The ink dries almost instantly, which means that the print is not damaged. However, in the case of thermal paper rolls, what happens is a more complex chemical reaction. 

Basically, the printing is produced by the application of heat to the paper. Of course, there are many details you should know about this material before purchasing it. 


How is thermal paper for cash register manufactured? 

It should be noted that the thermal paper for cash register is made up of several parts or layers. Each of these is made during production and are important for its function. We can talk about:

  • The paper itself, which functions as the base of the entire thermal roll. It comes in different weights, which are important for a correct operation. 
  • Internal coating, which is known for giving a much smoother texture to the paper. It could be said that it is the protection of the base paper, but it is also the support of the thermal layer. 
  • Finally, the thermal layer of the paper. It is the outermost and the one that suffers the effects caused by the thermal printer. Therefore, it is here where the actual printing takes place thanks to its chemical agents. 

And in this way, a useful and durable thermal paper for cash register can be created. Of course, you are probably wondering what the most common uses of this paper are. Do not worry, we will tell you below. 


How does thermal paper work?

If we dig a little deeper into the composition of thermal paper, we will find the hair color layer. This is made up of several elements that include leuco dye, adhesive, and a chromogenic agent.  The dye is always in capsules that can be activated during printing. 

The reaction produced by the thermal printer head activates the chromogenic agent. This results in a discoloration of the paper, which normally turns black. Even with the use of a lighter we can generate such a reaction. 


Where is thermal paper for cash registers used? 

Thermal paper is usually sold in the form of rolls that can be inserted into thermal printers. Its uses are very varied, and we can find some very outstanding ones: 

  • Card payment terminals 
  • Cash registers
  • Static or portable thermal printers
  • Electronic scales
  • Vouchers and bank documents 
  • Take-A-Number tickets 
  • ATM invoices 

In short, thermal paper for cash registers is often used successfully in other areas. Especially in the banking sector, where constant printing is required every day. Of course, it is also used in businesses that issue invoices and tickets. 


Why use thermal paper for cash register? 

We should also talk a little about the advantages of thermal paper. After all, these are what define why it is so highly valued in different businesses. Some key features of this material are as follows:

  • You have a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs. Whether you need to print tickets, invoices or larger documents, you will always have options to do so. 
  • Thermal printers are extremely easy to use and have the particularity of making few mistakes. This, in comparison to devices that use ink. 
  • These machines are also characterized by emitting less noise than a conventional printer. The thermal paper for regulator box is certainly a much more practical item to use. 
  • You will not have to constantly replace ink cartridges. The ceramic head is a one-time purchase, so it represents a saving. 

And this last point is the most decisive when it comes to opting for thermal paper. The economic cost is much lower compared to conventional printers that require ink. This makes investing in this material the best way to save in the long term. 


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