Quality lab for labels

In the quality lab for labels we have procedures to test the performance of your label.

The quality lab for labels is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows us to perform specific tests on all our labels.

Trust the development of your labels to PCM and have the confidence that you will have the best product according to your needs.

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Peel Adhesion Test

Definition: Force necessary to detach a pressure sensitive adhesive from a standard test board, to which it has been adhered under specific conditions, at a given angle and time. Adhesion strength is measured after 20 minutes and 24 hours or 1 week of contact time.

Release Test

Definition: Force necessary to separate a self-adhesive material from its siliconized support (protective sheet) to which it is attached forming the complex. We run this test in low and high velocity.

Tack test

Definition: The Tack is used to measure the initial adhesion. It is the resistance force of the adhesive sheet adhered on a surface under specific conditions (minimum time and contact pressure except that of paper weight). The Tack (which could be translated as “stickiness”) is one of the most important properties of the PSA, especially for the coils when the labels have to be applied automatically at high speed.

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