Thermal Fax Paper

Thermal Fax Paper Rolls compatible with all fax machines.

We manufacture Thermal Fax Paper Rolls in PCM and IBM brands.

Our fax paper can run faster in your machine and with more accurate transfers, it has great readability and lasts over time.

Greater printing, durability and excellent functionality.

We are ISO 9001 Certified company.

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  • Thermal paper for high sensitivity fax machines.
  • Alert signal at the end of the roll.
  • Compatible to all fax machines.
  • 7-year warranty under adequate storage conditions.
  • Individual packaging for additional protection against exposure to light during storage.
  • Greater clarity and lasting printing.

Available packages

  • 6 rolls box
  • 4 roll box
  • 2 roll box

It depends in the size of the roll.


  • Document transfer

Printing Equipment

  • Fax machines

DescriptionWide mmLength mmRolls / BoxRolls / Master
Fax Rolls21525624
Fax Rolls21530624
Fax Rolls21550448
Fax Rolls215100224

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