Food Industry

Solutions for the Food Industry

At PCM, we focus on providing integral solutions for our clients.

For the food industry we have a wide variety of solutions such as:

  • Graphic labels to highlight and distinguish the image of the products of the food industry.
  • Direct thermal and thermal transfer such as: variable printing, barcodes, sku, expiration dates, batch, etc.
  • Labels for refrigerated or frozen foods. Boxes for logistics systems.
  • Boxes with special coatings for refrigerated or frozen products.
  • Packages for high or low temperatures.
  • Packaging to resist weather changes.
  • Boxes with coatings for products with high humidity.


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  • Labels made with food grade papers for direct or indirect contact with food.
  • Labels made with food grade adhesive for direct or indirect contact with food.
  • Boxes in the widest variety of resistances and flutes.
  • Packaging available in both kraft and white cardboard sheet.
  • High quality printing
  • Option in labels of compostable material.

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